Friday, May 15, 2009

May 14, 2009 - Altona, MB

Another beautiful Spring evening

Firstly, and most importantly, hats off to The Duker for hosting a mighty fine race this evening. The Star Wars themed alleycat was a fantastic way for thirteen eager riders to spend an eve.

The usual Thursday night ride convened at Jonny S.'s place for the second installment of the Altona Alleycat Race series. Coming off Jonny's fine opening race the bar had been set high for The Duker's turn at hosting. Judging by tonight's race the bar has been bumped up a notch.

Thirteen riders started off from Jonny's to tackle a difficult (and trivially perplexing) course. Those fluent in Ewokese had the early jump but those with a more diverse knowledge of Tatooine history could easily catch up. With questions ranging from "The sunflower has how many leaves does?" to "Boba Fett's long lost relative" (Schmaunt Fett) this race had everything. Speed and accuracy won out in the end with Gavin Faurschou taking home the gold medal. Standings and finish times (including penalties/bonuses) as follows:

Gavin - 40:00 minutes
David -42:30
Mark + Charles - 45:30
Jonny S. - 47:00
Curt F. + Jeff - 49:00
Steve + Duane - 52:00
Tom + Lorne - 1:03:00
Shaun + Jeff - 1:04:00

Also in attendance were The Duker (host) and Dan K. (the awesome Jedi warrior outfit).

To be noted - Jonny blew out a tire halfway through the race, ran home and got a second bike. Tom + Lorne were afforded five bonus minutes for crashing the "invitation only" premiere of the Altona Art Gallery's grand opening.

Big winners for the eve ($5.00 entry fee) were Gavin (1st place = $30.00), Charles (random draw = $30.00), and Jeff ($5.00 entry fee back).

As for the gauntlet...

After much discussion (and an equal amount of beer) the subject of our loose "affiliation" with the Fort Garry Bike Club became a topic. After much debate it was decided (with no quorum in attendance) that the Altona Bike Club (tentative naming) must strike out on our own. The support and encouragement of our Northern brethren has been much appreciated but the patriarchal attitudes have grown tiresome. Therefore, we as a cycling collective have decided to embrace our differences and stand apart. Take this as you will. Talk amongst yourselves.

Respectfully submitted,

El Presidente


  1. Here here. El Presidente for President!!!!

  2. I second the motion. We do need a president and his name IS El President so that seems like a good start. And David is a bit of a dictator. Sounds like a great president to me! As long as the secretarial duties don't suffer.