Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Upcoming Events and News

More Upcoming Events:

Friday - Sunday, May 29 - 31, Falcon Lake campground - FGBC bike club weekend.
Clear your calendar now and get you’re A to the Whiteshell to bike some sweet trails, camp with a bunch of dudes and consume mass amounts of dogs, chips and beer. The trails are bumpy and the pace is slow. It’s a weekend not to be missed. Let me know if your interested for more details /car-pool options. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Saturday, June 6, 7:00, Neubergthal - Krahn Barn Kermesse.

This throwdown will have a 30 and 60 minute race around/through neubergthal. Registration is being limited to 30 riders; 15 locals and 15 city slickers. Registration is $5 and does not include insurance but does include hot dogs. Contact me to register. Fans and family welcome to enjoy an evening of racing, dogs and beer at the Krahn barn. BYOB/D.

Sunday, June 7, noon - The back 40 mountain bike race.
20, 40 and 80 km races. The trails are fantastic. If you ever thought about riding an MCA mountain bike race this is your chance. Its cheap ($25), you don't need an MCA license, its local and the trails are as good as they get.
If you choose the 80km race you'll also be participating in a new race series know as Operation Muerto.
Some people are crazy. It's awesome.

In related news...Curt Falk is racing in the Manitoba Cycling Association mountian bike series. His first race was at Grand Beach last Sunday and he finished 10th in his class. Well done Curt - we'll expect a full report.
Next week anticipation: early evening road ride? We'll talk on Thursday.
Bikes are awesome,


  1. curt - nicely done. we should track each other down at the next race since we are both on the same team (Tinker). we had managed to erode the team down to just 2 or 3 racers, but i see from the results there was at least 4 of us. cool.

    hope to meet some more altonites (?) at the Back 40. it should be a lot of fun.

  2. you don't need an mca license for the back 40, but consider getting the novice license if you never held a license before, it gets you into all the events the MCA puts on - a great way to try other events.