Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

IF the trails are ready (Tom, ABC headquarter is awaiting the trails report), there will be a Sunday ride at Lake Minnewasta (Morden). Gavin and I are ready to roll and are looking for takers. Post a comment/gmail if you want to come/need a ride or can provide a ride/transport bikes. The plan is to leave from my place at 1:00 on Sunday (Sunday, Sunday).


  1. Post ride report:
    Gavin, Steven and I rode the trails at Lake Minnewasta. Trail conditions were good with some muddy sections - these trails are worth a return trip. We ran into Hal and John Loewen who rode past us talking casually as we were gasping for air. Those zombie twin jerks are inspiring. Gavin likes to rip up the trails leaving Steven and I begging for breaks (I like the way my skinny tires roll on cement V. fat tires sinking into mud (read: I'm out of shape). At the end of the lake trail Stevens front wheel slipped off a short bridge, jammed against a rock and flipped him over his bars. Fortunately he managed to break is fall with his face. After a few scary moments we decided to cut our ride short while we could still wiggle our fingers and toes. We celebrated life with a post ride family BBQ and beers at race headquarters. Steven will be very sore for a while.

  2. Good to see the posting Johnny.