Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bike weekend report

The bike club weekend was epic.  Friday's ride was a short noodle at Falcon lake.  The Saturday ride was a toughie.  It took 7 hours and covered 60 km's of technical trails and rolling gravel roads.  It was waaay more than I was expecting to ride.  We found some great new trails that a group at Gord's Cycle and Ski developed.  It was very nice to get back to camp to relax by the fire.  18 riders enjoyed the sweetest weekend of the year. 
There was some talk of riding on Sunday but those ideas never took flight.  Some of us did watch the toughest mountain bike race of the year take place on a soggy, muddy, slippery Falcon Lake Ski hill.  Jeff took top honors in his class with Curt pulling in 10th.  Well done.   Maybe we'll get a race report from a rider???  


  1. It was good to meet you, Johnny. You rode well on Saturday and looked good doing it.

  2. Thanks Kevin, you too. It's easy looking good on a Softride.
    I was impressed that you rode 50 kms of road bike before our 7 hour mountain bike ride. You are an animal!