Friday, May 22, 2009

May 21 - ABC - ROAD RIDE

The weather was perfect and our efforts were rewarded with a great
group ride. 50 km's completed for this edition of the ABC Thursday
night (road) ride. Well done boys. Gavin, Dan, Ben, Charles, Jeff,
Steve B and I attended the ride portion of the night. It was great to
see Ben and Steve B pull off their longest rides - ever. You are my
hero's. Ben "the fashionista" Klassen looked super sweet with one
argyle sock, deck shoes, squeaky road bike and Star Wars bike jersey.
Charles managed to ride so hard he broke his chain; Jeff, Charles and
Dan saved the day with some roadside maintenance and we savored free
revels after a good samaritan saw us on the side of the road.
Grumpy's was phase two of the Club with most of the group going home
(?), but Steve, Gavin and I we were met by Duke, El Presidente, James
Doell, and Steven W. We met Dave, one of the new owner of Grumpy's
(inroad are being made for a possible ABC sponsor). B.S. and beer

Notably absent were the road bikes dudes Curt F/T, Mike, Paul "douche bag" K.,
Giles and Mark.

Good times.

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