Saturday, May 23, 2009

I yam what I yam, and thats all that I yam

This club WILL get its own bike jersey.  Its only a matter of time but its going to happen.   Before that happens we need to get a quorum to solidify our name.  Then we need a logo.  What was the name of the guy who makes really cool logos?  This is what we should be asking ourselves.   When El Presidente returns from his trip to the left coast he's going to spearhead sponsorships.  Current businesses that will be approached include: Back Alley Cycle, Altona Farm Service, Pioneer Meat, Grumpy's Bar, Old Dutch Chips, The Ice Cream Hut, Prairie Sky Promotions, and Sawatzky and Sons.  Sponsorship basically requires some cash, free stuff or being awesome.

Comments at the ABC are appreciated and encouraged.  It is nice to know who you are so...Mr. Crayon, I ride...therefore I am, and anonymous - please let yourselves be known.

I'm still looking for takers for the Spring Ride next weekend (May 29-31).  Its good fun.  Let me know if your interested or if you need extra encouragement.

I'm still smiling from the road ride last Thursday.

Bikes are awesome,


  1. Hey guys, it is I, Mr. Crayon: Also known as Jeff Krahn. My anonymity was not deliberate, just plain forgot. Anywho, looking forward to this coming Thursday's ride, and of course the news about the jerseys is very encouraging!
    See you all there.

  2. Hey – What about getting on the name before a logo/jersey. ABC is already the name of a certain church in town – wouldn’t want it be confused. To get the discussion started… well since the two local landmarks of Sunflowers and Buffalo Creek are way over used how about Altona Flatland Cycling? Or how about United Peddle Pushers of Altona? Or Big Sky Cycling – could be shortened to BS Cycling? …suggestions only – to get the discussion going.

  3. On Thursday at Grumpy's we decide that the club should be "Altona Bicycle Enthusiasts Society" or "ABES". Maybe a plaid jersey, or one with suspenders, or bib get the point.