Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who likes good times?

If you like riding bike, camping, beer, and good times, the Spring Ride is for you. The eager beaver club (me included) arrive Friday (May 28) at noon to get in a pre-weekend spin. Most dudes show up Friday night and ride Saturday, and maybe Sunday. Last years epic ride was unusual and will not ( I hope) be attempted so that the average dude can enjoy the ride. But, unlike any other year, we will be camping at the base of the Falcon lake trails so you're never more than a kilometer from camp (beer) in case of technical difficulties (tired). Ingolf trail, Eagle Lake, and Minnaki are other trails that may be attempted as well. I heard rumblings of people bringing road bikes - it's never happened before, but time will tell. This is one of the best biking events of the year. I've booked this weekend off about a year ago. I hope you can make it too. Talk to me if you need a push in the right direction. JS


  1. I like good times Johnny!

    Just to re-enforce your comments, Dave U. and I agreed last night that last year was entirely immoderate. Much more sitting by the fires, eating dogs and general merrymaking is in order. We will lead by example. I will not ride on the road.

    ABES, your cheerleader is right... this is as good as it gets.


  2. Thanks brother man.
    I don't think anybody knew what we were getting ourselves into last year. That was probably for the best. Your voice of moderation brings balance to the forces of the dark side. If honorary ABES memberships were awarded, you would be a lock. JS

  3. He doesn't need an honorary membership....he can use Douche Bags', he doesn't seem to need it anymore.

  4. Don't be a hater DSwat. DB needs our love. By love I mean a kick in the nuts. A swift kick, lovingly applied with just intentions. JS

  5. I'm not a hater buddy, just a motivator. All other forms seem to have failed so public shaming is a last resort...

  6. We can still kick him in the nuts though, right? JS