Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saturday hamburger ride?

Is anybody interested in a road ride this Saturday?

Not to detract from the awesomeness of the Thursday Night Ride, but...

I was thinking we would ride the 243 to Rosetown,
North on the 306 to Plum Coulee for lunch,
then back home via the 201.

If we leave around 10am we would be back around 2.

The weather is supposed to be fantastic and I'm eager to get on the bike.

The pace will be reasonable.

Anybody interested?



  1. No can do...Saturday is the big auction sale across the road from me and I plan on attending. Support my neighbours. Maybe even buy something.

  2. And you had to post over the Thursday NIght Ride? C'mon Johnny...have some class....

  3. Sadly I will have to decline such a wondrous and most delightful offer as this Saturday is packed. Next Saturday would be totally workable though.