Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watch your back Dan - Abe is coming to get ya

From the desk of Bruce...

Some of us are pretty keen on getting the miles on our bikes. I have someone who tops the heep. Abe Sawatzky of Altona put on just over 6000 kms last year! He came in for a tube change in winter and told me that he got 5000 kms on his last set of tires. $ 10.00 mountain bike tires.
Last week he came in for a tube change and was a little miffed that the tube only lasted until May. "Only 6 months", he said. Of course, I didn't want to lay blame on our products so I asked him how many kms it took him. With the same tone of discontent he said, "Only 2000."

Here is a photo of Abe who now has 2200! for the year! So far!!

Abe is the guy on the left. Whoa!! his name is ABE!!


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  1. Well it looks like the race is on then. Including today's morning Gretna loop the tally is 2533 for the year - that's 500 ahead of last year for May 26. Bring it on ABE!