Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brandon Race Report

From the desk of Bruuce...

Here is a little snippet of Sunday in Brandon.

This time we made it in time to get Rory a practice lap on his 3 km course. As I was riding, I thought that his course would be perfect for me. They have a beautiful section of single track for these kids. It makes them work hard. It was also a good warm up for me. Rory came in 3rd!

For the 7 kms lap in the Sport category (2 laps), I would say that the trails are a lot like the hills in the Pembina Valley. Some might argue that, but there much more similar than the Grand Beach sand and rocks.
Things I remember about the ride...thirsty. It was hot. I sure need to practice my single track riding. There must be a word for my riding style, because I was all over the trail and in a single track there isn't that much room. I felt like a pinball with all the trees.
I did learn a thing about shifting too. The last half lap I thought I should use the small ring in front, and then I could suddenly climb! I had done a lot of walking before that. I haven't had any mechanical failures yet.

Notes of interest. I also talked to Lincoln Wiebe. He's another rocket from Tinker Creek riding Comp. He mentioned that he read the article about taking a pee while riding your bike. I missed that one. Anyway, he's got a great story to tell... Lincoln?!

Last note. I got 13th!!


  1. Um, yeah, there's a story there. In short, I attempted the moving pee at midnight on a loose gravel road. I fell on my face before getting started. But there's more. Being a determined if not foolish man, I made a second attempt. This time I picked my line better and did not hit the gravel windrow. But I did not start with sufficient speed. Therefore, I panicked and froze when I realized I would have to either pedal while whizzing or clip out with my leg going into the stream. I did neither, and performed that awkward slow motion clipped in fall.

    Twice Road Rashed, Embarassed, and Slightly wet,