Monday, May 3, 2010

From the desk of Bruuuuce

Grand beach race report...

We left a little late on Sunday morning. Sheesh, I'm usually always on time for church! We started with 110 km/h, but by the time we left Selkirk we were well under 140.
Rory and I have signed up for the Cup races and we couldn't have hoped for better riding conditions in sand! On the other hand watching someone go by every half hour in the cold rain takes a little wind out of the fun.

Rory is in the under 11 category and he finished 6th out of 10 racers. He's started his own water bottle collection thanks to the boys at Olympia.
I had no idea where I was ending up in the race. Ok, I did have an idea. Some dough-head told me I had an early lead and that I should go hard. I wound up 14th out of 17.
I found out what the 'rock garden' was. I was very thankful for the XAM and it's full suspension, especially on those big uphill walks.
I didn't crash and didn't get hurt. I guess that means I didn't go hard enough. Brandon is next! 13th place is mine!


Well done boys. That's great.

I noticed that ABES and Back Alley have both registered as clubs with the MCA. Two bike clubs in town!? HAHAHAHAHA! JS

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