Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday Night Ride report (better late than never)

Pre-ride shits and giggles - Dwight, Jeff, the Duker, Ben and Shaun.

Shaun, Lorne and Gavin cruising through town.

Pit stop at the SE corner of Greater Altona area.

Johnny loves when bike lights accentuate his love of cycling.

Ben.  Yes, Ben.

Dwight shows off his sweet ass stripe and LJ combo.

Lorne and Ben.

Paul (note the lack of  surname initial) and the Duker.

Johnny (aka Snidely Whiplash) and Jeff.

Jeff and Shaun.

Steve B. and Gavin.
Thursday night.  Sweet ride.  And I vaguely remember telling Johnny I would handle the post-ride report.  Hmmmm.....let's see what I remember, shall we?

According to my mental vault we had ten riders out.  Myself, Johnny, the Duker, Lorne, Gavin, Jeff, Shaun, Ben (welcome back Ben!), Dan and Dwight.  Welcome Dwight, good to have you join us!

A nice little ride, kind of fast again (a precedent we'll have to address in the near future) with a few sweet highlights.  Gavin's rear wheel deciding to dislodge from his bike (in the middle of Highway 30), a nice little loopy run through the very dark Altona Park (led by speed demon Johnny), and the usual riding banter.  We got strung out a little as different groupings required different paces but we all met back at Grumpy's in the end.

The post ride crowd was joined by Paul and Steve B..  Paul has officially been upgraded from Paul B. to just Paul.  There is only one Paul in ABES now until an unnamed douche bag makes a miraculous reappearance.  Conversation (at least the ones I was privy too) varied widely...Ben's upcoming sabbatical and Thailand/Burma jaunt, Lorne's upcoming life changes, and of course the agenda.  A rarity.  ABES having an agenda.  We discussed t-shirts (good), price of said t-shirts of $15 (good), the use of any extra funds (Bikes Without Borders?  Wool jerseys?  Bike repairs/parts for Altona's burgeoning refugee population?  Kegger?  All solid options and I'm sure we'll decide something in our own sweet time) , Tinker Creek Tuesday night ride option (good), and the Sneak Attack.  The Sneak Attack.  Might be a go, might not.  Needless to say Duker's fears were assuaged when informed that it did not involve him being attacked in a bathroom/shower.

All in all a good ride, sweet after party and a slow ride home.  Just like most Thursdays.  That's why we love them.



  1. I'm loving that elevation chart you've got there. The computer machine must've hit that +/- 2m margin of error around the 5th km. It makes Albert's excellent adventure even more remarkable.

    Also, I can't say I've ever been so full of salt for so many days after a couple of those popcorn baskets at Grumpy's. Painfully delicious.


  2. Shaun, you need to drink more to balance out the salt. I believe its called a win-win. JS