Saturday, May 15, 2010

Burger Ride Report

 DB, yes DB, Dan and I enjoyed a sunny road ride Saturday morning. Paul Krahn made a cameo to flex his stocky legs and show that he does in fact ride bike. The ride highlights include fixing a bulging tire, portaging through a creek because of a missing bridge, a deluxe mozza mushroom  burger with fries and a breeze to push us down the 201 to our post ride rehydration at ABES headquarters. Good ride.  JS


  1. Hey you forgot about the lost cyclocomputer in the traffic on HWY 30.

  2. That was good. My computer's rubber band mount exploded and sent the cyclocomputer flying across both lanes and the shoulder. Thanks for finding it in the ditch Dan. JS

  3. Stocky? Muscle-bound maybe, but stocky? I'm hurt. Then again, it's okay to punch a douche-bag when he's down.