Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

The group was large, then small, then large, then small, then large. We had trouble keeping ourselves together, or even starting together. The ride started with Steve, Mike, David, Myron, Lorne, Charles, Kyle, Craig, Preston (welcome to ABES Preston), Bruce, Curt, Dan, and me (who did i forget this time). We had another zippy paced ride around town - I think David has a couple of pics of the ride. We lost Duke early. He rode his own route and pace. Paul and Tom may not have been on the ride but they knew where to find us. Conversations included: Auction sales, bikes, riding bikes, the awesomeness of bikes, beer, bike races, bike trails, babes, beers with bike themes, drinking beer after biking, and babes drinking beer on bikes. It was all complicated yet very simple. Good times. JS

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