Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Double-Header Report

Thursday Night Ride #2 Report:

Last Thursday's ride followed a panic-riddled script, with individual ABERs showing up at HQ, seeing that no one else was there, assuming the worst (that you are the only nerd riding tonight), promptly leaving and riding alone. It was only by the grace of the  GREAT ABE that Charles, Tom and myself were united in trio, thus forming the Societal requirements.

Highlights of our ride included: finding each other, various degrees of sprinting down the runway road. There was also the unexpected cellular phone call to Charles, after which he requested a detour to pick up some keys. Tom, ever the philosopher, appropriately provided this nugget for cerebral consumption: "Can there really be a "detour" when one is riding aimlessly in the first place?" WOW. That blew my grade 7 mind. After that we traveled to the Willow Bay velodrome for 2 laps. We also humoured Charles by following him to the Hill, where, by the grace of the GREAT ABE, we met Ben, Dwig-het, and Ryan. Ben had followed the similar script and formed this splinter cell group. There were also reports of a Shaun sighting, who apparently does not have the favour of the GREAT ABE. He rode alone. All of this Chaos was all a little much, so Tom and I headed toward the watering station. Charles, continued to ride. Ben, Dwight, Ryan and Shaun have not been seen since. Good times. MD

Thursday Night Ride #1 Report:

Jeff, David, James, Lorne and I enjoyed an early evening spin at the Lake Minnewasta and Trans Canada trails. Lorne had a flat tire in the parking lot, Jeff lost half a pedal, David had an endo, James was pooped, the ticks were being tickey, and the sweetest trails delivered their sugary, life affirming, flowing goodness. This is all to say that the ride was awesome. DSwat brought post ride hydration, A&W provided supper and the clubhouse brought it all together. Our estimated time of return was optimistic (horribly wrong) and we missed the Thursday Night Ride #2 (report pending). DSwat has pictures, video, and GPS details of ride 1 that he may or may not post.

Conversation at Grumpy’s included: Steve’s broken hand (softball injury? Fighting injury!), Lorne’s employment options, auction/garage sales, dentist horror stories including David’s purplesaurus burrito projectile puke, weekend camping plans and grudge, housecoats, bald v bald-ING, NHL playoffs, Stand By Me, and Bruno. Paul made a brief cameo (he’s as elusive as he is lanky). Race coordinator Lorne “Dunkey” Hildebrand urged us to do our devotions and focus on the New Testament in preparation for next weeks Alley Cat. Good times. JS


  1. In preparation for next weekend's Spring Ride, any attending ABES should pack their rods and tackle. It looks like Brad and I will put our own RRR stamp on things by stealing away for some shore fishing at High Lake (ie. zotes, relaxation, and beer drinking).

  2. KK - that sounds about right. Can these weekends get any better? Any ABES waffling about this weekend should give their heads a shake. It don't get any better then this. JS

  3. Punctuality isn't necessarily a virtue, especially when coupled with a lack of patience.