Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring Ride Report

The Spring Ride was fantastic. Despite the less than favourable weather, the weekend was incredible. Great guys, beer, biking, beer, dog-fest, hanging out and drinking beer. What’s not to like?! The weather was soggy, but that made the biking interesting and since we had a lodge, there was warmth and dryness to keep the good times rolling. Friday saw 3 opportunities to ride the falcon trails, Saturday was Ingolf awesomeness with 22 riders enjoying the ride, and Sunday was it’s usual relaxing day. There were movies, one freak (non-bike related) accident, an intense bonfire, tequila, a lot of "that's what she/he said's" and plenty of laughs. I had a great time with a great bunch of dudes. Thanks to the FGBC for making the best bike weekend happen. JS


  1. Yup! Yesiree! Another knee injury to wince over, and zombies to double-tap. Good to be there indeed!

  2. I was remiss to give props to Paul db Krahn for being the only other ABE to partake in the Spring Ride. Then it occurred to me…db or not a db? The recent facts…he misses most/all local rides but shows up for the spring ride. He’s a dedicated family man but decides to go to the spring ride on his wife AND daughters birthdays. He brings hot dogs but is fed steak and veggies (ok – maybe I’m just jealous about that one – but still). Complex man or db? JS

  3. Is this really the place for psychoanalysis? Yes. Yes it is. I await the diagnosis.