Friday, April 30, 2010

Green Death Alley Cat Review - Part 1

That race was crème de le crème. Shaun did a great job incorporating a few loves of his life: biking, smoking, beer and pottery. He failed to incorporate one of his other passions - bacon - another great race theme yet to be explored. Maybe his report will explain the complex nature of bribery for charity. Ironically the race which had a smoking theme was the inaugural race for Craig Doell, Respiratory Therapist. Glad you made it Craig. A race report from the coordinator will be forthcoming.
Conversation at the clubhouse included: NHL playoffs, Duke's new screen-printing prowess, utility trailers, hitches and bike carriers, classic 1970's cuisine (marshmallow/cheeze whiz/jell-o casserole), Bieber fever, the AMU (Altona's Most Underrated) hip-hop crew covering Paul Bergmans Birdsong, the upcoming Bomber season (21-0), and we discovered that Spin Magazine named U2's Achtung Baby the best album in the last 25 years. Thanks for the great race Shaun. The pottery prizes were a nice touch. JS

1 comment:

  1. Awesome race Shaun! And I literally mean awesome...not just Lorne awesome...truly awesome.

    I'll try and post some more pics later...