Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride report

Okay, it wasn't really much of a ride. More of an amble. A few shortened, slow laps of the motocross track (both kids and adults) but still a good time. If you haven't checked it out, do it. Well worth the short drive out from town.

Watching the kids ride the little track.

Mia, Cheryl and Jacob on the big track.

Jacob and Cindy ride the big track. William enjoys the Softride approach.

Jacob riding the moguls.

Oh yeah...and especially for Johnny...seems like someone is a little on the dumb side. Hey dumb dumb. How's this sign look?

Note the name....


  1. Altona Moto Park X? That's a terrible name - whats with the X - is it moto park cross? moto park 10? Is moto short for motor? wow. It SHOULD be Altona Moto X (as in motorcross) Park. What I'm really trying to say is, you were right and they were wrong. JS

  2. It's the 10th moto park on the site. The first 8 burned down. And #9, well, nobody talks about #9.

    Y'all coming to Bruxelles...?

    Some teasers:

    - the post-race stew is authentic: made with real Belgian beer

    - local weather forecast: +19 and sunny

    - our local media sponsor is confirmed: the Treherne Times is covering the race

    - $700 in prizes are up for grabs, thanks to Olympia and Celia's Jewellery

    Sounds like there will be lots of first timers out - we keep getting calls from locals who want to give it a go. C'mon down folks....