Friday, April 9, 2010


Albert, Shaun, Bruce, Mike, Steve, Charles, Dan, David, Gavin, Jeff, Lorne, and I went on a zippy ride around town.  Mike set a fast pace for the ride and it was great.  He made it look effortless.  I did not.  Bruce was sporting his new yellow deep V rims – they look pretty sweet on his blue Sekini road bike.  I got a flat tire on the last stretch of the ride.  Even my bike knew it was time for a beer.  Fortunately I was only two blocks away from home.  Steve had the highlight of the night.  He made fun of a couple of girls in the clubhouse parking lot, and then forgot he was clipped-in and fell on the cement.  The girls laughed their A’s off - everybody did, including Steve.  Classic.  Duke and Paul B joined us at the clubhouse where we were offered complimentary hero sandwiches instead of our usual servings of popcorn - nice.  Conversations at my end of the table roamed between retirement plans, getting punched in the face, back-country camping, the incredible NCAA basketball finals, and biking around Lake Minnewasta this weekend.  Congratulations to Gavin and Joanne who are expecting baby number two in September(?).  Gavin will be joining the full-time work force in fall – party’s over Faurschou. 
Good times.  JS 

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  1. As the chart below indicates we topped out (or rather, I topped out) at an almost unheard of speed of close to 48 KMH. What the Heck! Thats very un-ABES, speed wise. Scary.

    As for the ride it was fun. While the quick pace was daunting for some of us it still felt good to make the lungs burn. As my motto says..."Short and hard!"