Friday, April 2, 2010


The ABES (pre-race) checking out cousin Tom's sweet garage sale bike purchase.

 Johnny and Tom eating their ice cream (i.e. checkpoint #1 in the alleycat.)  At this point they have already won the race since no one else knew how to read.

Lorne and the Duker arrive at the Hut to down their cones.  Lorne's rainsuit prepared him adequately for the rain.  A mild drizzle...Lorne takes it to "The Perfect Storm" level.

This was the puke we discovered near our rides after leaving the bar.  There were more

Johnny models his awesome ABES shirt.  The winner got the shirt and Johnny beat Tom in a coin toss.  Better luck next time cousin Tom.

The ABES "Spring Has Sprung" alleycat kicked off the 2010 season in fine form.  The rain may have dwindled our numbers but the true spirit of the ABES was alive and well.

Six racers participated in three teams of two racers.  Apparently ABES is not known for its comprehension prowess....even after repeated warnings (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!) the ABES managed to misinterpret the instructions and mayhem ensued.  Johnny and Tom figured things out first and built and insurmountable lead early on.  Lorne and the Duker also figured things out but to no avail...a silver medal finish.  Shaun and Jeff seemingly wandered aimlessly.  And finished a respectable third of three.  Good times.

The teams finished off at the bar and the prizes were handed out. Johnny and Tom took the gold with some cold hard cash and a prized ABES V-neck as their spoils.  Duker and Lorne took the silver money while Shaun and Jeff got third. 

Many beers were consumed.  As were rum and cokes.  And Amaretto and coke.  Small mistake.  Evan (part time ABES member) made a brief appearance and the pre-Easter crowd was looking to party.  As were we.  Just not to the point of barfing like the younger folk.  ABES knows how to hold their liquor.

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  1. Great race Swatter. The fair-weather ABES missed a gooder. They also missed being interrogated by the fuzz at the clubhouse. Apparently there were two calls reporting a suspicious hooligan wearing yellow reflective clothing and a headlamp lurking around a church and some condos. Lorne, with his penchant for calling the cops on his friends, sang like a little bird. Classic Lorne. I hope that puke was his.
    DeShaun has stepped up to organize the next alleycat for April - sweet. JS