Sunday, April 11, 2010

Super Sunday Singletrack

 Lorne, pre-ride.

Gavin and Johnny - pre-ride

Lorne cruising down the path to the Minnewasta Golf and Country Club.  No bikes allowed!

Cruising through the aforementioned MG+CC.  Johnny and Gavin plan their lines.

Lorne and David discuss metaphysics.

Lorne conquers the first big climb.  Lorne-style.

Tragedy befalls Gavin and his crank.  Lorne cheers him up by showing off his killer abs.

The busted crank.

Johnny and Lorne cruise down the path towards the Trans Canada Trail.

The sweet descent to the creek.

Johnny (aka The Fonz) jumps the creek.

Sunday was a fantastic day for a ride.  Perfect temps, sunny, and the trails we rode out at Lake Minnewasta in Morden, MB were awesome.  After starting out strong we ran into a bit of trouble when Gavin's crank broke and he lost a pedal.  He had to turn back but Johnny, Lorne and David forged on.  We ran the sweet single track around the Lake then headed up to reconnect with the Trans Canada Trail and enjoy a bunch more awesomness.  Good times boys!  Soon to be done again.  Very soon.


  1. That was fun. We'll need to hit the trails more often. Nice pictures Chachi. Aaaaaah!

  2. Cool, glad to see you guys are out enjoying the trails. In case James or Curt has not already officially made the invite, TCC would love to have you guys out for the Back 40 to enjoy those trails and some again.
    Kevin B

  3. The back 40 is the a great race on the best trails. It's definitely on my list of summer events. I'm hoping to get out to the southern sections of the TCT this weekend. I'll try to bring an ABE or two. JS