Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday afternoon ride at Lake Minnewasta

I'm planning on heading out to Lake Minnewasta for about 1:30.  Are you still interested Lorne? Everyone's invited. Should be fun hitting the lake trail!  If anyone needs a ride, let me know, I'll be leaving town around 1:00.   CK


  1. I'm assuming that CK indicates you Charles?

    Lorne sent out an email regarding this ride on Thursday. I'm guessing he doesn't have your email address, just like me. Here's the scoop. We're all asked to meet at Lorne's house (Poplar Bay) in order to try and carpool as much as possible. We'll meet there at 1:30 PM and then drive out together to the start. Due to the Minnewasta Gold course opening we'll have to detour around that. I'm guessing we'll start the ride at the dam, head around the South end of the lake then head over and do a section of the Trans Canada followed by a turnaround and coming back the way we came. Or we could head down the 201 and do the Trans Canada section near Tinker Creek.

    Spread the word to anyone who might be interested. I think we're planning on riding and then possible grabbing a bite to eat somewhere on the way home.


  2. Thanks, David. I'll be there.
    CK aka Charles