Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

Thursday night ride is on (like Donkey Kong).

I received these stop-watches in the mail yesterday. They are Dollar Store cheap and I'll be happy if they last a summer but at least we'll be able to time our races at the track.

Speaking of riding bike and looking forward to awesome is a preview of some of the upcoming bike goodness in 2010: Alleycats, Track races at Miller, Krahn Barn Kermesse - D.B., M.S. race – Bruuuce, Spring ride - May 28 – 30, Back 40 mountain bike race - June 6 - Morden, 24 hour race - July 24 – Falcon Lake, Dirty Double Crosser – August 22 – Moto X Park, Southern Cross - October 18 - Rocktona, Road rides, Short track sprints at the MotoX Park, Mountain bike trail rides - Morden/Tinker Creek, and hanging out with good people. It's good to be an ABE.

See you mo-fo's Thursday. JS

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