Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday night something something

The weather is looking rather ominous for the Thursday night Green Death Alley Cat. Maybe that's appropriate, maybe not. Weather is rather tricky to predict and the future is no better. People should just show up, BS, and we'll figure it out. If the numbers aren't there because the weather is shite, then we'll go for a ride and race another time. The races do take some time/effort to organize and its nice if the numbers are there to enjoy the fun. The more the merrier. Like I said, show up, BS, and we'll figure it out. JS


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  2. As the race coordinator, I couldn't have said it better myself.

    The forecast calls for a clearing in the evening, so chances are pretty good that the Alley Cat is a go. If you like Mark Twain, chugging beer/other unflavoured carbonated drinks in the middle of a race, giving bribes (bring an extra buck or two if you're into that kind of thing), charity for Bikes Without Borders, riding traffic free paths, fighting 'traffic', climbing, arithmetic, or just biking around town as an ABE you'd better show up. You don't even want to take the chance of missing this race.

    And if you don't often win anything, are slow or easily winded smokers can sympathize. DFL prizes will be awarded.

    Nice pic btw.


  3. Hi all. I'm thinking of coming out tonight from Morden. This would be my 1st Thurs/Alley Cat ride. I'm going to try to drag fairweather Tom & Scheiss too. If i am unable to hook up with them, what time does it start & where?
    Craig the expat.

  4. 9:00 is the official start time. The race will probably begin ~9:15. The usual starting point is Johnny's place. Growing up here, I don't know the street name - probably 2nd St. Its a couple houses down, south of the main 4 way stop at the Civic Centre/bar. His house is on the west side the give away should be a bunch of blinking bike lights on the driveway.

  5. Nice work Shaun...and sweet panniers on the bike! I'll be there rain or shine to see whats going down.

    Craig...sweet if you could make it out. And yes, drag out Tommy and the Schiester. Schiese might be harder to pry off his leather sofa but since his Habs beat the Caps he might just feel inspired tonight. Toms has become a (dare I say) regular on Thursdays. But put the screws to both of them and hopefully the weather won't delay our plans tonight.

  6. Thanks for the directions. I'm pretty sure I can find it. Now the important questions. Whats's the beer and bike etiquette? Will I be shunned for drinking an import and riding my Karate Monkey SS? I'm mocked enough in Morden. Would hate to be mocked all over southern MB.

  7. Thanks. The panniers are ~1980 East German chic. They'll be sweeter when they're filled with beer.

    As for bike etiquette, to my mind the unofficial ABES axiom is 'bikes are awesome' - period. I plod along on an old Schwinn Frankentank, Johnny routinely kicks all our asses with a fixified MCC bike as does Gavin with his SS mountain bike. Shunning is so 1950s.

    I would advise against trying exotic import beers at the bar. It took several weeks of skunky Fort Garry to clean out that stock for the fresh stuff. Complaints were met with 'its supposed to taste that way'.