Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down (and going back up...and coming down...and back up...)

Johnny invited me to come out for a little recon ride of Altona's Moto Park X. Very nice. We rode the 1.83KM course twice (once in each direction) and found it both flowing yet challenging. The climbs are doable for the most part but also include a couple of possible foot-climbers for us less able riders (see video posted below!) All in all a nice little place for this years Dirty Double Cross and a potentil site for the Southern Cross as well.

Johnny surveys Moto Park X

A nice hill.steep bank combo. Tough to hit hard and still make the descent into the corner.

The food service facility with a mogul section in front.

The main grandstand (great views of the whole track!) and the announcers tower. Play-by-play anyone? Duker?

View down to a 2nd hill from one of the higher hills. Very fun descent.


  1. That is going to be one awesome cx race at the end of August!

  2. Quite honestly my pics don't do it justice! We talked a bit about trying to entice some city riders out in the next little while to play around? Any interest?

  3. Looks like fun.

    The best part of the video clip is at :39.

  4. Thanks for posting that lame video of me not being able to ride up the bump. I usually make every time (not including the times when I don't). JS

  5. Hey, I only post the gospel truth. As far as I saw it you were 0 for 1 on attempts of that climb. Maybe next time buddy!

  6. I stand my comment and the typo. And I don't know if getting put on academic probation at CMU allows you to argue the gospel of anything. JS

  7. Welllll excuse me Mr. High and Mighty...that was CMBC that put me on AP thank-you very much!