Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Mike, Charles, Lorne, Tom, Gavin, Steven, David, Steve, Jeff, Shaun, Curt, James, Kyle (welcome to ABES Kyle) and I (who did I miss?) enjoyed a beautiful night of spinning in and out of town. Shaun did not have his newly purchase bike ready for its debut and was given a one week extension for his alleycat. Another week to anticipate the fun of huffing and puffing. Kyle and Lorne were riding fat, knobby, mountain bike tires and were working twice as hard as everyone in the skinny tire club. DSwat took some pictures that may make it on the blog. It was a big ABES crew that grew when Bruce tracked us down for the last minutes of the ride and Duke and Paul joining us at the clubhouse. Conversation topics at my third of the extra long table included the Bruxelles race, a Sunday ride at lake Minnewasta, the good times of the moto park 10, the fear and realities of loosing your wheel while riding, searching for arrowheads, bike purchases, hockey card collections, Lorne moving back to BC this summer, planting potatoes with santa and mexican elves, and the blessings/curses of the alpha male/salesman. Good times.

If anybody wants to join me for The Big Race in Bruxelles, let me know. JS

The pre-ride gathering begins.

Ride break at the south end of the Village.

Steve B. dominates the pavement.

Dismount time at the post-rdie headquarters.  New rider Kyle looks eager to rehydrate.

The end of the ride.

The sweet crew finishes another fine Thursday night ride.


  1. If anyone is up for a challenge, come to the Tuesday night ride at Tinker Creek Cycle. 6:30 ride time.