Friday, June 18, 2010


The 7:00 Rosetown road ride was cancelled due to heavy rains and lightening, but by 8:00 it was nothing but blue sky.  Phil, Lorne, James, Dan, Albert, Jeff, and I spun 21 k's as we sniffed about town.  Albert "hotdog" Falk supplied the wipe out of the night when fell in a puddle trying to fix his shoelace.  He has a bloody elbow and knee to show for it.  Don't worry everybody, his bike is fine.  We checked out James Doell's new house at the north end of town, gawked at the stacked cube house across the street, tried to find Davey Cockett in the village, were briefly joined by Myron, Curt and Mike, and as soon as we felt some rain drifting in we raced to the clubhouse.  We were joined by Paul, David and to everyones amazement, DB.  We watched most of the second half of the NBA finals where the Lakers beat the Celtics in a scrappy game 7.  Conversations floated between Vegas fun, shooting guns, shark tank waterslides, the Walhalla bike ride, the awesomeness of bikes and ABES, Sunday trail riding, Saturday poker at the Hildebrand barn, Wang, Lornes new job in BC (hallelujah), the super-happy-fun CFL pool, and Dan is on track to reach 8000 k's this year.  In lieu of free popcorn we enjoyed servings of Old Dutch products from the vending machine.  David announced he is planning a Lorne themed alley cat race for next week - sweet!  Good times.  JS