Friday, June 25, 2010

Still cleaning my eyes

David put on a fine alley cat that tested our ability to ride, know a little somthing-something about Lorne, and my ultimate downfall - reading comprehension.  DSwat will provide the race report and pictures.  the clubhouse conversations at my third of the table included:  the dukes cement pad panic, Lorne being driven OVER by a car when he was 2, the mobile-home-school delivery system, "the photo mistaken identity and getting caught naked golfing (the photo was mercifully taken off the blog), complimentary compost pick-up, sunken chests, the incredible job of the public works department, big-boned ABES (twss), XXL helmets, Wang, 2-day hangovers, the 2 watermelon a week diet, underwear fittings, Paul looking for work in Alberta, DB showed us how to cross "the line" by sniffing a helmet (crotch), folk festivities, and the Joe Cocker/Tom Petty concert.  Paul knows that it ain't no party without chips - copious amounts of chips - thanks for stepping up with big bags of the Old Dutch goodness.  The fine folks at Back Alley Cycle gifted Lorne with a new helmet that actually fits his beautiful bald head.  We shut down the bar.  Good times.  We'll miss you buddy.  JS


A beautiful June evening for a bit of racing!  17 riders showed up for the race and 16 actually finished.  Derrick gets the DNF.  Nice work my friend.  It was a quick little race for many reason: the course was simple, the conditions were fast, the weather was iffy (as per usual on race days) and the throng looked eager to partake of post-ride refreshments.  Copiously.  

The race itself was centered around Lorne, his life, his experiences, etc. etc..  So Lorne had the upper hand going in.  Results were as follows:

1. Lorne and Mark - 10:00 (29m bomus, no penalties)
2. Gavin and Steven - 18:02 (19m bonus and 2m penalties)
3. James - 19:10 (25m bonus and 1m penalty)
4. Tom - 19:33 (20m bonus and 2m penalties)
5. Charles and Curt - 29:39 (18m bonus and 1m penalty)
6. Duker and Shaun - 32:47 (18m bonus and 2m penalties)
7. Bruce and Justin - 37:19 (14m bonus and 5m penalties)
8. Paul K. and Phil - 39:36 (15m bonus and 3m penalty)
9.  Johnny and Paul B. - DQ

For their efforts Paul K and Phil picked up an Allrn key tool for their Dead Fucking Last performance.  Steven and Gavin snapped up a 1Kg tin of GoodHost iced tea mix each and our victors, Lorne and Mark, each received a delicious black t-shirt depicting Lorne's 1985 grad photo and the ubiquitous ABES logo on the back.

Nice work gentlemen and thanks for coming out.


The riders read up and take off
Paul B. moving so fast even his long-sleeved plaid shirt ruffles slightly in the wake

Bruce and Justin on the route

Johnny storming his way off the Hildebrand farm yard on his way to a very fast DQ

Tom peruses his manifest after guzzling a tall glass of Goodhost

Steven and Gavin prepare to drink

Shaun and the Duker speed off of Railway

Paul K. and Phil head north

The after party at Grumpy's

Lorne gets his new helmet courtesy of Back Alley Cycle.  Classy move boys!

Lorne's own brew

Paul B. relaxes after lulling his bro-in-law Mark to sleep

In a perfect world these two nectars could somehow be consumed together, and taste good.  unfortunately they cannot.

Remnants of the PB supplied chipfest

Johnny.  kickin' it old school.  or is that just old.

Steve B.'s infamous injury.  Slo-pitch.  A game for suckers

Lorne proudly displaying his 1st place prize

The pocket pal twins

Violent outburst aftermath

You know you haven't really rocked the Altona Bar until garbageman Gary gives you the finger.  Unfortunately he wasn't speaking cat last night.

We closed the place down with one last latecomer - Giles makes a rare, but appreciated showing

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