Monday, June 7, 2010

Dual Stage Road Ride

Stage 1 - Night Riding: Altona-Steinbach 116 km
Stage 2 - Red Rock Cyclathon: Steinbach-Rennie 130 km

Bruce, Walter Hiebert, Curt Toews and I headed out from Altona shortly after 1:00 am under a clear starry sky.  We managed to see the harvest moon rise over Letellier, the sun rise, and ride through fog which got thicker the closer we got to Steinbach.  The ride was awesome.  We got to see some wildlife (some live, some dead - see the blood splatter on Bruce's wheel) and arrived in Steinbach 20 minutes before Smitty's opened for breakfast.  After a long ride, 20 minutes is forever to wait for breakfast.
Curt T had to head back home for a wedding, so it was just the the three amigos of Bruce, Walter and I to carry on from Steinbach to Rennie.  Curt Falk, Mike Klassen and Jeremy Loewen headed out on their super fast ride (re-claiming their title of Last Out - First In).  Bruce, Walter and I rode a more moderate steady pace (a 116 km warmup ride will slow you down a bit).  We arrived in Rennie at 3:15 pm.  What a great day of riding.  We enjoyed a great supper at Red Rock Bible camp, soothed our sore behinds in the hot tube and all racked up our new longest ride of 250 km.  Whoo-hooo!                           CK


  1. Way to go guys. That is a lot of spinning. Very impressive. JS

  2. We, uh, passed you guys (yes I felt very very guilty - of course) just outside of Steinbach (we were in in an Avalanche) on the way to a SOYA (sit on your ass) fishing weekend at Caribou Falls (Chris F's 40th Bday). You have the moral high ground I believe! My ass is only sore from sitting on wet, padded fishin' boat seats.