Friday, June 11, 2010


The first early edition of the Thursday Night Ride was a gooder.  After a typical ABES start we eventually found our way to Miller for a night of racing.  I finally got to use my stopwatches, and utilized Gavin's abandoned clipboard to keep things extra official. 

We got our blood pumping with the 1 lap TT: 
Charles - 37.72
Gavin - 38.44
Curt - 40.53
Johnny - 40.72
Dan - 41.63
Shaun - 42.00
James - 42.28
Lorne - 43.84
Chaaz, looked like a stud, galloping away with the win while Gavin on his SS mountain bike took the silver.  The world record for running this distance: Micheal Johnson - 43.18.  Sorry Lorne.

We were joined by more riders for the 2 lapper:
Charles - 1:17.00
Gavin - 1:19.00
Curt - 1:19.13
Johnny - 1:22.70
Shaun - 1:24.19
Tom - 1:25.15
Phil - 1:25.97
Paul - 1:29.00
Dan - 1:31.65
James - 1:32.28
Lorne - 1:35.21
World record for running this distance: Wilson Kipketer - 1:41.11.  Lorne wins.

Myron came to the track for a cameo but quickly left to ride at his own pace.  Mike came and was too humble (scared) to compete.  Phil was rocking his mountain bike with bullhorn drop bars and Paul was coerced into riding, but bowed out of the team relay.  He's a lone wolf.

The 20 lap team relay was a lung burner.  While most were gasping, ABES poster boy Shaun Dyck was whooping it up as he powering his way around the track.  His mighty effort was not enough however as Curt and Dan tag teamed it to the top of the podium.
1 - Curt/Dan
2 - Shaun/Tom
3 - Lorne/Charles
4 - Johnny/Phil
5 - Gavin/James

The Last Man Out race was abandoned due to mosquito harassment, aching lungs and the lure of the clubhouse.  DSwat took an early detour on his way to the races, but never made it (probably taking care of his children), so no photos or GPS apps to detail the elevation changes on the track.  He did join us at the clubhouse, as did Derrick and Myron where we watched the 4th quarter of the NBA finals and congratulated ourselves on our fine night of racing.  Clubhouse banter included: the back 40 folk festival disappearing tweener, teachers that forget to close their zippers or wear their dentures, diets based on blood type, Duke's cement project, Nevermind sales disputes were settled/continued, the Bombers, the blackhawks and Jonathan Toews, world cup soccer, ABES shirt complications (Scheiss volunteered to clean up the logo, or at least find someone to clean it up), mistaking texting at the dinner table for prayer, and the adventures of Aunt Sue and Tricky Dick.  Dan won't be able to coordinate the June 24 Alley Cat because of a a Soup and Pie (poop and sigh?) fundraiser.  That's too bad.  A hero is needed to ensure Lorne's last ABES event is a gooder.   Next Week: Rosetown Road Ride - 7:00.  Good times.  JS


  1. I think it needs to be mentioned that for Team Smokin' Steel, Tom put in a mighty effort in keeping pace against Curt while lugging around and just about suffering the effects of having just come from the Bunge picnic a short while earlier.

  2. yes Good effort Tom

    Awsome Race