Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birch Race Report

From the desk of Bruce...

Rory's race was a 3 km-ish lap.  We showed up really early and did his pre-ride.  His course had some descent climbs and seemed way easy compared to Falcon Lake.  When we registered we found out that he was only doing one lap.  It seemed a little unfair, only because it was so dreamy, compared to Falcon Lake.  There were no mosquitoes and the temperature was a little humid, but nothing like Falcon Lake...
Unofficially, Rory placed fourth.  We forgot to check out his standings and that's just what I think.

In between the kids race and our's the weather turned.  It rained for 10 minutes, just before the start.  Like dozens of new experiences I've had this season, I was sitting under the back door of our van watching the rain, thinking thoughts like, "this would feel good during a race, but I'm glad I'm dry".  Or, "Wow, there sure are a lot of guys changing their tires."  
It only occurred to me half way through my first lap why rain is bad.  I was trailing a pack of fast guys and I wondered to myself, why they were getting off of their bikes...too late.  The trail was bike grease and with brakes locked up feet down on the ground, an arm extended trying to grab a tree to slow me down, my bike flipped over me and my chain ring came to rest on my calf.  This all happened way faster.  By the time you read "calf" I was already back on my bike and slipping up the trail.
During the hour and a bit that I was out there I can only recall things like;  

Huge climbs.  Step, step, step...trying to keep myself ahead of whoever was behind me.

Nursing my only water bottle...stupid, stupid, stupid, should have brought more.

I am way too tired to clip in.  I'll only be getting off soon anyway.  

I hope lightning strikes before I finish my first lap.

Birch is a course that would be very comparable to the trails at Tinker.  But do they ever make you climb!  It's probably good that I didn't really know what to expect.  I just knew that I wanted to beat the guy in front of me.

It's tough to beat finishing a race knowing you gave 100%.  And I'll have a great scar to boot.

...and in my world, I am KING!  I got sixth!!!!!



  1. Way to go Bruce! That's a tough trail. Ask Duke about his last ride there. JS

  2. Great report, Bruce. It captures the dream/delirium that defines racing at Bi7ch(?).