Friday, June 4, 2010


Shaun, Jeff, Gavin, Lorne, David, Dan, Ben, Curt and I enjoyed a spin around our fair hamlet.  Anybody arriving early enough enjoyed a pre-ride warm-up.  Lorne was sporting his brothers Norco road bike so we took it upon ourselves to zip around town to the best of our abilities.  20 klicks later we all had a nice strip of water and gravel up our backsides and were ready to partake in weekly rehydration therapy program.  Steve, Myron and Paul joined us at the clubhouse where conversation included: fathers day plans, poker in the village (twhs), favorite musical misquotes (If I had a broken lawnchair, Someday buddy someday, and Only the good ti-umes), Spring Ride carnage, David's 40th birthday jagermeister experience, biking in Bangkok, NHL playoffs, the "perfect game" blown call, and Shaun resurected the talk of an ABES jerseys (awesome).  No salty popcorn this week so we raided the vending machine for a delicious chip buffet.  I heard that there are a group of ABES that are riding to Steinbach on Saturday and another group that are continuing the ride to red rock bible camp (260 klicks total?).  That is awesome.  Way to go guys.  Speaking of long treks, this was Bens last ABES event for awhile as he and his family are taking advantage of his sabbatical at EMMC to go to Burma and Thailand; nothing says family fun like civil unrest.  Keep your red shirts at home.  Good luck.  David has the pics and the stats to prove it all.  Good times.  JS

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