Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Singletrack report

While our more hardy brethren were pacing themselves over 250km Johnny and I were slogging our way through the sandy hills of Grand Beach attempting to find the elusive singletrack. And found some we did!  We wasted a bit of time on misdirections (Squirrel trail?) but eventually found some woody track to ride and then kinda just got ourselves lost for about 2 hours.  Very fun. 

I've tried countless times to upload and edit (i.e. rotate) the few pics I have. I give up.  Here they are.  I hate Blogger.


  1. Looked like you still had fun! You need to use some friendly ABES resources. I heard Gavin used to go there all the time. And, I admit, I have been known to get directions wrong, but the place where they race has wicked single track. (hey, maybe that's why I wasn't asked).

  2. Hey Bruce...we'd NEVER exclude anyone from joining us on a ride! We were at the cabin for the weekend and brought the bikes in hope that we'd be able to ride. Luckily it happened. Johnny and I first for a couple of hours and Cindy and Cheryl followed after. Swapped the kids around so the adults could ride!

  3. oops. That crazy english language. I didn't feel left behind. I joked about not being asked where you should ride. Oh, and I'm a licenced racer now. I don't fraternize with common pedalers.

  4. OUCH!!!

    Common pedaler? You obviously haven't watched me ride Bruce or you know that my pedaling is anything but common. Unorthodox maybe. But hardly common.