Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Voting for summer hours preference is almost over and it looks like 8:00 will be declared the winner.  As far as I see it, this will mean more daylight, more biking, more BS and more time to rehydrate.  

This week I thought we'd ease into the new routine with options that may accommodate everybody...
Meet at ABES HQ at 8:00 - track races at WC MIller (1 and 2 lap TT, relay, Last man out).  Late-comers can meet us there for a cruise around town.  The weather might change all this but we have options: race, ride, BS, clubhouse, NBA, agenda topics galore, etc, etc, etc.  We'll figure it out. 

Speaking of good times, get ready for these upcoming ABES awesomeness…
Saturday, June 12, 9am - road ride to Walhalla (see Dan's prior post for details).  
Thursday, June 17, 7pm - road ride to Rosetown - moderate group pace.
Thursday, June 24, 8pm - TT Alley Cat - look for details from race coordinator Dan K.
Colin Braun of Altona Moto Park 10 fame informs me that the track is 95% bicycle ready.  I can hardly wait.  Maybe Sunday?
I'll see my bros from other mos at the ThNR.  JS


  1. Alas, there were too few of us "nay" voters. I'd love to come out for the earlier ride but since I attempt to be a good parent and share the bedtime duties equally with my loving spouse I'm afraid I will have to defer to her on this one. So have fun boys, I'll ride with you when I can.

    On another note...tried making t-shirts from the new ABES logo (cleaned up version). I need opinions. Things are not kosher. I guess I'll try and garner some opinions when I can.

  2. DS I have to side with you on this one, although evidently I'm not half the parent you are as I will be attending tonight's festivities at the posted time. It crossed my mind more than once that I might try voting multiple times thus ensuring a win for the NO side. Not enough balls I guess. Hope we get to see you at the clubhouse.LH.

  3. Vote fixing = bery unABEish Lorne. But too bad you didn't try. What have you got to lose. We're kicking you out in two weeks anyways.