Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jesus Loves You

Thursday nights Alleycat had some sweet turnout with 16 competitors looking for the yellow jersey.  Newcomer Phil came out for a spin via a connection through Back Alley Cycle and prodigal ABE Mark figured it was time to start ripping up the streets.  Welcome aboard boys.  But what about that race?  I mean really, it could have been anyone's.  The heavily favoured clergy just couldn't pull it together this time.  Suffice to say, it's a good thing Ben is leaving town and Danny is changing jobs.  While actual race times posed a real nail biter, penalty minutes are what ultimately separated winners and losers.  The unholy trinity of Bruce, Curt and Phil emerged victorious.  Rumor has it there was an unsavory exchange of souls for the podium on this one.  A passionate appeal by el Presidente put the race coordinator on the hot seat after the prize money had been divied up and in spite of his flawless leadership through this year his efforts proved fruitless on this one.  As always the night was electric with some most excellent dudes.  Thanks for coming out guys. LH


  1. I am intrigued by heavily favored clergy. And I think I was at the event where the tape was recorded../

  2. Rosthern's cats rock

    Great to see Fort Garry and Old Dutch at the bar!

    C U at Folk Fest

    Jeff Ned and Ian

  3. Our clergy kick A! Our deacon is a db, but still kicks A.

    J/N/I - FF is so good. I can't wait. See you filthy hippies there. JS