Monday, June 22, 2009

To all the ladies in the house (the ladies, the ladies)...

The first ever BABES of ABES Alleycat race took place in Altona on Sunday with 5 racers. Checkpoints included: carrying raw eggs, pumping up inner tubes while shackled with surgical tubing, firing air pistols in at an indoor shooting range, and the obligatory racing around town. Cindy took the first place prize and was also the shooting range sharpshooter. Cheryl won the silver medal and was the draw prize winner for half the pot. Rounding out the contestants, a pregnant Julie took the bronze, then Nada and Sandra. The ladies gathered for brownies, beer, bragging and bitching at the bicycle workshop. A solid core of riders for the first race of the season. There were several notably absent riders – you know who you are. The registration may have been low due to brief showers before the race, and general apprehension and intimidation. Ladies - if you’re tough enough to push a baby through your yahoo, then a little race and riding through puddles should be nothing. The ladies plan to ride every Sunday at 9pm. ABES, get your BABES out there! Pictures coming soon. JS

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  1. Sounds like the race went off well. My boys slept through a bunch of crazy ladies stealing eggs from our place.