Friday, June 26, 2009

Photo finish - hahahaha

It looks like the Sign of the Times for ABE’s is looking bigger and better than ever. 20 stinking riders registered for the 3rd alley cat race of the season. Dan organized a photo alley cat where riders were given 12 pictures of signs around town. Each photo was altered and it was up to the racers to plot the course and discover the changes. The final 13th clue brought us to Dan's home/the finish line. Only 3 people/teams got all the answers right. I was penalized once but still managed to eek out a 25 second victory over Paul K (sucka) who finished with a perfect score. Coming in third was Mark who has entered 2 races and has finished 1st and 3rd – not too shabby. Cash prizes to the top three riders. Gavin was finally shut out of the money after having his name pulled in one race and winning the second. Dan set up a couple of screened tents and provided nachos and salsa (including a raspberry salsa that was delightful) for the post ride festivities. Well done Dan! I loved that you had to ride to the opposite side of the John Deere sign - terrific stuff. I can't believe Paul B showed up for a race. What is this world coming to?
David is planning an awesome/crazy alley cat for July (not for the thin skinned) and Paul K has agreed to organize an August alley cat that may be darpcentric. Sweet! This is good, good stuff! JS

Dan provides the following info...The Signs of the Times Alleycat Results:

Name Rank Ride Time Penalty Total Time
JS 1 29:53 2 31:53
Paul K. 2 32:16 0 32:16
Mark 3 31:09 2 33:09
Bruce 4 31:30 4 35:30
Dave 5 32:08 4 36:08
Shawn & Jeff 6 33:05 4 37:05
Gavin & Steve W. 7 33:50 4 37:50
James 8 40:15 0 40:15
Gordon 9 36:45 4 40:45
Tom & Steve 10 39:17 2 41:17
Myron & Paul B. 11 44:37 0 44:37
Ben & Charles 12 43:55 2 45:55
Loren, Giles & Albert 13 43:53 4 47:53

In the end those who could read the signs of the times correctly were rewarded – or was it those who couldn’t read the signs correctly that suffered? Either way it was a great race where those with skill and wisdom got to the Promised Land.

Hey Gord – I found $10 in the south tent in the morning – to bad it wasn’t the ten bucks you lost. Also “left behind” was a pair of riding gloves, a helmet, cell phone, clip board and a Tim’s Travel Mug.


  1. What happens when The Bombers and the Thursday night ride coincide? The game starts this Thursday at 8. Would an earlier ride work?

    I've also just learned of something called "Dead Fucking Last" (DFL) on the Alley Cat Wiki. In short, they get a prize for being slow or for their smoking habits, general sloth or what have you. I suggest we bring back Dead Fucking Last.

  2. Dearest Shaun,

    I believe there was some talk about changing Thursdays ride to Tuesday next week in order to accomodate the True Blue amongst us. I believe it is also the only time all season that the Big Blue play on Thursday night. Check with ride co-ordinator/chief beeotch Jonny S. on that one.

    As for the DFL...

    As organizer of the July 16th Alleycat (as yet untitled) I will take all suggestions into consideration.


  3. Maybe the winner of the DFL should receive a prize...a kick in the A or a trip through the spanking machine perhaps. JS

  4. Or maybe they could get their 5 bucks back or receive a small trophy that says ''A' for Affert' with a horse's butt mounted on top. A compromise might be forget I brought it up and stay with the status quo. Its painful enough just finishing an Alley Cat.

  5. I like the DFL prize. There are all sorts of fun ways to run an alley cat. I'd say its up to the race organizer to establish/communicate how prizes/race formats are planned. The October alley cat is available if you want to plan a race. JS