Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday Night Ride Report

A good turn out for Thursday's Ride, 10 in all. After a quick tour of the town we headed to the Miller track to laid down some sprit time (one lap) and then a 8 lap relay race and finished with the Eliminator (last man on a lap is out).

Good to hear the debate about the logo is still going on. We are liking the new logos but are looking for a local logo not from an outsider. One member suggested change the name the the West Nile Bike Club due to the influx in the mosquito population.

Results for the Eliminator:
1st - Johnny
2nd - Jeff
3rd - Albert
4th - Mark
5th - Charles
6th - Gavin
7th - Ben
8th - Shawn
9th - Dan
10th - Steve

1 Lap Time Trails
Mark - 39.53s
Jeff - 39.00s
Gavin - 37.00s
Steve - 40.15s
Shawn - 44.01s
Ben - 41.00s
Albert - 41.20s
Johnny - 40.78s
Dan - 39.7s
Charles - 38.9

Anybody wishing to donate some stop watches. After not really having the most accurate time pieces it would be a nice piece of equipment for the ABEs to own.

8 Lap relay Standing

1st - Johnny and Mark
2nd - Jeff and Ben
3rd - Shawn and Gavin
4th - Albert and Charles
5th - Steve and Dan

See you next Thursday for the Alley Cat to be put on by Dan K. Signs of the Times theme.

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