Monday, June 8, 2009

ABES logos (sunflower references need not apply)

Honorary Captain?

Paul Krahn is not only a fine host of race, house and barn, he is also doing what he can to further the ABES movement. He has provided three logos for our consideration. Paul asks that we "feel free to hate/be indifferent/reject/love/hale as brilliant".
Logo submissions and comments are welcomed and encouraged. I'll put it on the agenda for the Thursday night ride. JS


  1. After a few beers we should put this mother to a vote. ABES rule.

  2. Please pass on my thanks to the owner of the bike shop in Altona for driving me to the Vet in Mordon to have my wing looked at after my crash at the Mordon Back 40


  3. I'll make sure to thank Curt Toews from Back Alley Cycle for you. I hope you're ok. JS