Sunday, June 7, 2009

Joy and Pain, Sunshine and rain

The Back 40 mountain bike race was great.  There were about 100 people registered to race.  City slickers love this race because the trail is so great.  There were 16 km options of 1, 2 and 5 laps.  I chose the 1 lap event.  A great move for me - 16 kms hurt just enough.  I  enjoyed my ride and came in in just over an hour (thats right, I said in in).  The trails were awesome and the weather was perfect for a race.  Jeff Elias won the 2 lap race - this kid is a freak!  He is crazy good.  I left before the end of the 5 lap race.  Those guys are idiots.  Awesome stuff though.  Among others, Chris H, Jonny G, Ian, and Hal (all at the KBK) were battling in the 80 km race for the coveted belt buckle.  Another great and local race that ABES should ride next year.