Monday, June 8, 2009

biking like a big girl

Last Friday my daughter Mia and I were at the greatest store in the world - the Altona MCC thrift store.  Mia (turning 4 in August) wanted to try to ride a little bike.  I gave her a push and she started riding down the aisle.  She was pumped - me too.  We went home, took off her training wheels and she took off.  We rode to the "big" park to play.  She had a nice spill on the park paths; like father, like daughter.  With all the bike events that took place this weekend, this was my favorite bike moment.  Just thought I'd share - and brag.  I'd post a picture or a video but it's clear that I have computer issues (the issues are mine, not the computers).  JS


  1. That's awesome - definately would be the weekend's highlight for me too. There's nothing like seeing the next generation take to 2 wheels for the first time.

    Cycling, being a life-long sport, will be something my kids will enjoy long after I'm gone. Unlike whatever inheritance I leave behind.

  2. Super sweet.

    And a super sweet weekend! Two bike races in two days.