Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday night ride report

The rain looked like it was going to prevent our ride but the sky cleared and allowed our tradition to continue.  Paul K was the only casualty of the rain as he got caught in the downpour riding in from Neubergthal.  A few stragglers joined the ride mid-stream to make the numbers more than respectable.  Lorne, Paul K, Paul B, Albert, Tom, Dan, Shawn, Dave, Myron, and I did the usual noodling around town with an unprecedented smoke break mid-ride.  We were also joined by Derrick Schellenberg who was coaxed off the couch and on his bike.  Good to see you at ABES Schies.
Clubhouse banter:
Congrats to Tom on the procurement of his new home.  We can't wait for the housewarming party.
Dave has unagreed to help with sponsors, so Tom in his eagerness to get the ABES jersey rolling has stepped up to the plate to approach prospective businesses. 
Entries are still encouraged for the ABES logo.  Myron's John Deere'esque entry is the frontrunner in our search.  Sure glad we have a guy like The Duke. 
The Saturday morning road ride has been cancelled due to lack of time and/or fitness.  Group road rides will continue to be attempted. 
Paul K will check with local authors regarding the grammatical specifics of ABES.  A possible taping of the interviews may be pending. 
Dave's family gathering last Saturday was postponed.  Apparently he was at home napping during the Krahn Barn Kermesse.  A committee will be formed to ensure that he has plums so that they may be kicked.  
Good times.  JS


  1. Hello fellow ABEs, I did try to find the group last night as I headed out a little later, but unfortunately our paths did not cross. Better luck next time 'eh. Still had a nice ride, just not the same without the group.
    Jeff K.

  2. Sorry to miss you last night. You do know where we end our rides don't you? Next time. JS

  3. Mmmmmmm.....I love naps.

    And if you're lookin' for my plums JS I got one word for you...teabag.

  4. I also attempted to find the group but when there were no sightings by 10:15 and no-one at the bar I went home... Boo Hooo Hooo.