Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday night ride

Thursday night ride, race and ride is on.  A lap around the town to warm up, then races at the track, then a cool down lap (whatever that means).  
Still looking for an alleycat coordinator to commit for June (and July, August, September, October).  
Clubhouse agenda is varied and open - as usual.  ABES sponsorship will now be tied in to support the Southern Cross race.  Logo discussion, name, jerseys, hats, belt buckles: everything from the brilliant to the benign. 
There is a BABES of ABES Alleycat race taking place Sunday Night for the ladies (Beautiful Altona Bike Enthusiast's?).  Invitations have been sent.  Open to all grrls.  
See you Thursday at my place at 9.  JS. 

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