Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday night ride report

The weather cooperated enough for us to get our spin on. A smaller group took a quick warm up spin around town before going to the track for some races. Gavin won the individual time trial followed by Steve, Charles, myself, James, then Tom. Everybody finished within 5-6 seconds of each other. The relay race was an 8 lap event (2+2+2+2). Jeaner and I took the gold, Gavin and Tom took silver and James and Steve brought home the bronze. Another spin around the darp and town, then to the clubhouse where we were met by Paul B, Lorne and Myron. Discussions were scattered. New group name discussed: Altona Bike Enthusiasts Society - ABES. A great name for a bunch of mennonite dudes. Races were talked about and commitment was vague - classic ABES. There was also talk of a bike related interventions for those that need encouragement to get off their A and on their B. Thanks to Jeaner for the pictures. See you at the races. JS

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