Friday, October 28, 2011

ThNR Report

Dan, Tom, Steve, David, Myron, Steven, Giles, James, Derrick, Mike, Gavin, Tony (welcome Tony) and I headed out for a soggy spin.  The rain must hate ABES because it started and stopped the same time our ride did.  The rain can be a stupid jerk sometimes.  Accident prone Giles was given’r along a boulevard when he was raked by a branch just below his eye – it was not good but could have been worse, Dan made his long overdue return to Thursdays and Tony worked harder than anybody keeping up with the skinny tire crowd on his mountain bike.  We eventually decided to head for solace at the clubhouse where we were joined by D’Shaun.  Minutes included: the Movember challenge should be ugly/awesome “let peer pressure be your guide”, Dan gets a new wheel thanks to his son riding into a parked car, Camp Assinaboia Cross race this weekend, wallet varieties (from minimalist to Castnaza), having a bike crush, dapper Dan the preacher man sermonized his fixie philosophy, Jets coach Claude Noel looks like any Sutter – grumpy, Shaun has saved $200 in 40 days thanks to smoking less but now has bouts of insanity, Cross racing and MCA license options, Mike kicked himself for not racing at Southern Cross - took the SC pact, Jets win 9 – 8!, Tom the Jerky King provided sweet, meaty treats for everybody (thanks Tommy), Giles’s kids like his cheese too much to share with ABES (aged, stinky cheese was promised for future consumption), smuggling your wife into Canada, Steve B was whipped home early again, ABES hazing, Remembrance day bike race with a post race wrestling - DSwat Vs. SWiebo battling it out in a long overdue grudge match.  Good times.  JS

mustaches make a difference


  1. Pretty Sure i rode beside D'Shaun for a good part of the ride.

  2. The minutes might be a bit skewed. I may have been logey from the rack of ribs for supper and the jerky chasers at the clubhouse. JS

  3. ^ As far as I can remember this is true. I might've not been noticed because I'm trying to keep my mouth shut so I don't give a voice to the hyponico-tourette syndrome. The MTS slave name D'Shaun and shitty officiating against the Bombers does aggravate the symptoms.