Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Cross Report

Finding a new space for Halloween cross was a real treat (see what I did there).  Camp Assiniboia was a venue that had a lot of nice features and the RRR entourage found some nice/fun/hard/ridiculous lines, stairs, a log barrier on steroids, and brought some whoops (?) for good measure.  There were a lot of people dressed in costumes, good times had encouraging (yelling) at people and memorable moments such as Graham passing Chris twice to the delight of the crowd but Chris had the last laugh even after riding into the stakes/tape, KK gave the people what they wanted - a spectacular zombie crash, I heard Brad tried to tackle Pitcher with little effect, a couple of awesome boys raced on a tandem bike as "the happy couple" and smashing pumpkins.  The ABES race team did our thing and had a good time doing it.  Videos and pictures are sure to float around the usual sites.  Here are some of our pics, including a few from Albert...

This cross season has set the bar pretty high.  I think I said that last year.  Good times.  JS

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