Friday, October 14, 2011

ThNR Report

James, Steve, Albert, Tom, David, Shaun, Duke, Curt and I enjoyed a nice night ride.  The pace was set and before we knew it, 2 had dropped off (aka won the race to the clubhouse), then another, then another.  The final group looked small but we were enjoying the pace.  We joined the "winners" at Grumpy's where the minutes included: sweeping gravel driveways, XS jacket - Albert, XL bike - Albert, Go ABS, Shaun is using vapor technology and has reduced his cigarette intake by 15 packs in the last 35 days (incredible), Curt gets an unintentional nut-shot after retuning from his medical leave, Paul jogged in - even his tights aren't tight, randy to run?, Southern Cross bunny hop hill hell, cortisone v chicken fat, I'm lesbian pants, low pain threshold/high awkward threshold, Grand Fondo rides, shitty awesome Lorne, happy Filipinos, Steve took a grenade for the team, DSwat has race number 53 - Herpie the love bug, Grad 88 related car auction bids, and "I will get laid tonight - even if i have to do it myself!".  Good times.  JS

Friends ARE friends forever

Barn Raising Request - The Southern Cross course set-up will start Saturday morning at 9:00  Bring a big hammer (or hatchet with a flat end), work gloves, elbow grease, and patience.  We'll be able to set up a lot of the course but I could use some additional help Sunday morning as well.  The more the merrier.  If you still don't have a job for Sunday, let me know and I'll find a way to make you helpful.  Thanks.

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