Friday, October 7, 2011

ThNR Report

James, Shaun, Gavin, Steven, Duke, Derrick, W, David, Tom, Albert and I spun around town, and rode a couple of laps of the Southern Cross course.  Tom was looking fine riding his new 29’er.  David had groomed the trails and they look better than ever.  Once somebody said beer? there was no unringing the bell and we headed back to the clubhouse.  Steve joined us and minutes included: SC volunteers, Yankees lose, crushed Mexican beetles, bison varieties - “I was close enough that I could smell the buffalo”, ugly families, Paul B sauntered through, stupid funny movies, bright bike lights, the NHL is on, the billion dollar bribe, dominated v domi-cheated, cheeze whiz and Rogers golden syrup on toast, W wants to pare down his bike fleet so he can buy more bikes, Fargo waffles - again, the Southern Cross Pact, Joeeeey, Gin and Trombones,  iSad, the Jets and “Jump” by Van Halen, reasons why Myron hates “Dtwat” and Johnny loves David and Teemu.  Good times.     

Tom's new ride

The nicest and fastest bike James has ever owned

Great bike, great guy!

Jonny “Guy Smiley” G and I are planning on riding the trails at Lake Minnewasta on Saturday.  Feel free to join us – we are planning on leaving at 1’ish.  Post a comment or call if you’d like to join us.  JS

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