Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Southern Cross Pact

Julia, Tom, Myron and James make a pact to race Southern Cross in 2011
These souls watched the races at Southern Cross last year.  They liked watching but they were left wanting.  They decided right then at the top of the hill during the B race to make a pact (see photo) to race next year and get in on the action.   That is awesome.  I encourage everybody to take their brave lead and leave your doubts at the door (or on the couch) and take a sip of the Southern Cross juice.  People will even cheer for you!  Is it challenging?  Yes it is.  That's why you'll feel so good about yourself when you try it instead of thinking maybe you should.  

Want to pre-ride the course?  Meet at the park Monday at 1:00 and see what you'll be getting yourself into.  JS

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