Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crosstastic Report

Crosstastic was pretty sweet.  There was a mud/clay/swamp section that got everybody crossed-up in all the right ways.  It was so bad it was great.  There was also Gary's uphill barriers, downhill run, uphill barriers section.  It was so bad it was aweful.  My 90 year old knees hate running, let alone running up and down hills toting a bike - that's why I bike!?!  I loved the swooping hilly grass sections - very fun.  My most/least memorable moment was being taken out by Luc "wild thing" Antaya on the first lap.  A breathalyzer test might be in order.  I heard (hope) there might be video.  The crash set me back and thoughts of not being able to finish my first lap at this race (again) occurred to me - but since me and my bike (and Luc) were ok, we continued.  I managed to track down enough riders to finish top 10 (ok, 10th).  I was pleased.  Luc finished ahead of me.  I was not pleased.  Cheryl was 3rd but lost a spot when she was overtaken on the final straightaway by Kim in C.  Albert kicked A and continues to impress me and Paul K was cheered on by his family and continues to be exactly who he is.  Thanks Gary, fun race - I can't wait for the results (or will I).

Cheryl took some pictures.  I didn't realize we had our camera so they're mostly of me (sorry) and one of the ladies from the colony at the clubhouse (have you EVER seen that?).  I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures from the mud pit.  Good times.  JS


  1. That was nice! Thanks for kickin' my ass even after your crash! YOU continue to impress me! (That may not be saying much.) db

  2. There is indeed video, and it is awesome.

  3. "Not saying much" because I might not care what you think or because you don't think much of me to begin with? Either way, I'll appreciate the praise, even if it comes from pity.

    And, that is an awesome video. JS

  4. "Not saying much" as in, who am I to say? Shit. I am so terrible at saying nice things! This is a quintessential db sort of problem. I am what I am. The video's great! How about that Luc? and wow is that big dude in the orange ever ... big! and hazardous!

  5. Dave is big - an ex nfl/cfl'er. He was back of the pack to start the race, powered himself ahead of almost everybody on the road, but proceeded to almost kill Oliver on the grass. It could have been ugly.

    Oliver said that last year he lost his shoe going through that mud pit, cycled a lap, then found his shoe on the next lap. Nice. He's improved so much - last year his goal was not to get lapped - this year he'll probably finish 3rd overall in B! I think he's 13. On the bright side, I can legally purchase alcohol!

    You are what you are,

  6. Yeah that kid Oliver is gonna be, and is, great! At St Adolphe he rode most of the race with only one working gear. Shifter trouble.

    Football is a big game, for big men. I think Dave was at the back of the pack by the end of the race too. I got no problem with a guy going hard at the start if he can keep the pace more or less. But when you're that big and you go hard, and then fall to the back panting, you're just being a ... football player.

    Costume ideas?

  7. Cheryl was third... I passed her for second. And taught her the value of sitting in near the end of a race..... Man she is getting strong!! Whoot!